Quitting a Job

May 04, 2019 I quit a job after a month and a half of working there. I questioned myself but I knew it was somehow time to go when I sat down with my toddlers and began to hysterically sob. I had no help and I didn't agree with the morals of the company. I... Continue Reading →

The stories on her skin

  Where do I begin with these stains on my mouth? To talk about myself    what I have lived I am holding up like a cardboard cut out Melancholy restoration, a standing melting pot of flavor Raw turmeric and lemon   My mother gave me lemons for the basket on my head I’ve turned her... Continue Reading →

Perfect Truth

  I do not want to come to Brooklyn even though I miss you I am harmed by sadness a depression you can’t shake I am harmed by moods from another world I am bothered by the smell of mom on you Taken aback by my father on your arms   I love you as... Continue Reading →


I got a late start Loving Too much of a late start at caressing creativity          spitting gold into red pots shy dreams Lacking sex shine    almost Twinkling under dust and debris

False Alarm

I am without bare feet Tormented by the banging of drums crazy, as if I’ve lost a child with the sign of blood as if anything that would have sprouted melted into red wax. crazy it never found a home a dry crack in my throat, swallowing tears. today both you and I were strangers.... Continue Reading →

Response to Sarah

Dear Sarah Manguso, When a writer makes money, they become commercial. To be a commercial writer is a success that drains all creativity and takes the hobby out of craft. Perhaps it is every writer’s dream to be paid for skill but at what cost. I’ve been searching for words. For years I have been... Continue Reading →

Nervous Thoughts

  I’m in the closet, I made it my home despite the bugs. I’m going to live here, cover myself in towels and sleep. I will not share this space with anyone. I am alone for some reason, there isn’t anyone home, the lights are off the couch is an unfamiliar black. We don’t live... Continue Reading →

Mother, I remember

Mom I don’t remember what happens at the end of why the caged bird sings   I broke innocence. Decent Sex picking up red panties fish shaped bread after it was over.   Mom I Snuck to meet a man who didn’t love me I remember the angle of stars over the Cemetery the drive... Continue Reading →

Love the Leap Into the Frying Pan

The first thing that comes to mind is Ghostbusters, its 2016 and Jordan’s is rubbing on my thigh. Candy keeps falling into his lap and I leave it there. It’s the summer when I only wore red. We didn’t speak instead we found ourselves making out inside a Barnes and noble. We were covered by... Continue Reading →


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