Perfect Truth

  I do not want to come to Brooklyn even though I miss you I am harmed by sadness a depression you can’t shake I am harmed by moods from another world I am bothered by the smell of mom on you Taken aback by my father on your arms   I love you as... Continue Reading →

Nervous Thoughts

  I’m in the closet, I made it my home despite the bugs. I’m going to live here, cover myself in towels and sleep. I will not share this space with anyone. I am alone for some reason, there isn’t anyone home, the lights are off the couch is an unfamiliar black. We don’t live... Continue Reading →

Mother, I am a Woman 

Does my mother know? that I am craving sweet and dirty folktales That I am following rhythms cool and slick butter Melting cream   Does my mother see me? building wax figures Drenched in sweat pools Just to find divinity   Is my mother dreaming? of the child I used to be   Weak in... Continue Reading →

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