God I just want to heal wounds With language The way the preacher stretches his tongue to talk about you God I just want you to watch geese with me So that I can grow to love the Hudson the way you do I can love the way you do say the way you do... Continue Reading →


Rub salt over your body for the emotional injuries. Always cry silently and try not to wake mother. Don’t listen when she tells you to quit the job you need. Then quit the job you need. Call your boyfriend to avoid jumping into the Hudson. Tell him you didn’t want to die. You just wanted... Continue Reading →

Pepsi Campaign 

 Cola and caffeine are political— as they bottle blackness that will not be contained  red circles, white stripes and blue jeans on long legs starting riots— cans of cool dew   camera on, carry on, tv. sold as, they bottle blackness that will  not be contained.  using the white girl as a symbol of peace... Continue Reading →

Things I didn’t know I loved

I didn't know how much i loved my body,  spending countless years recoiled by soft rolls, dough picking at fat hiding my shoulders.  scratching out curved lines,  forgetting geometry, organic sculptures  the bass of my bust, the bowl of hips unfiltered  a cave indented with stories thick red lines, black dots a body of starry... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Dream (a loop of anxiety)

Blueberries grew in my hands. Cobalt appendages. Or was it the grapes that suspend from vines. Harvesting all except one, the largest I left alone. The single berry seemed too valuable to eat. It was a moment of opportunity.   This blueberry- grape seemed to breathe. Deep in my gut I felt a raw connection,... Continue Reading →


I’ll wait another lifetime To run or maybe to be— To be the three packs of sugar in Sunday’s coffee   to be the clock’s tic the numbers huddled together to pray   I am the glue –a bridge   There was the time I was young, ready to cross The line I was ready... Continue Reading →

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