Quitting a Job

May 04, 2019 I quit a job after a month and a half of working there. I questioned myself but I knew it was somehow time to go when I sat down with my toddlers and began to hysterically sob. I had no help and I didn't agree with the morals of the company. I... Continue Reading →

Finding A Calling

April, 28th 2019 I was indecisive especially with all the anxiety from living in the city surrounded by ambitious people and their fast-moving feet. I felt like I had to literally grow wings in order to keep up, to compete to be successful. So I kept trying on different shoes and none of them fit... Continue Reading →

Response to Sarah

Dear Sarah Manguso, When a writer makes money, they become commercial. To be a commercial writer is a success that drains all creativity and takes the hobby out of craft. Perhaps it is every writer’s dream to be paid for skill but at what cost. I’ve been searching for words. For years I have been... Continue Reading →

Dear Michael

Dear Michael   June 25, 2009, I thought you had run away from the world to hide behind trees. I thought there was an island, commoners hadn’t discovered. Today 2019 I know that you are dead. I see evidence of it every year on your birthday. You are missed. I was six years old when... Continue Reading →


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