Nervous Thoughts

  I’m in the closet, I made it my home despite the bugs. I’m going to live here, cover myself in towels and sleep. I will not share this space with anyone. I am alone for some reason, there isn’t anyone home, the lights are off the couch is an unfamiliar black. We don’t live... Continue Reading →

Love the Leap Into the Frying Pan

The first thing that comes to mind is Ghostbusters, its 2016 and Jordan’s is rubbing on my thigh. Candy keeps falling into his lap and I leave it there. It’s the summer when I only wore red. We didn’t speak instead we found ourselves making out inside a Barnes and noble. We were covered by... Continue Reading →

Bad Woman

  I’ve been thinking of the images of black beauty and picturesque scenes in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It the 1986 film. There’s warmth and perplexity in the movie, as the viewer tries to figure Nola out. The film made me question my role as a woman in society. I considered what my life... Continue Reading →

What am I, if not this?

I think a lot about running away these days into whatever wilderness that will take me. I think about burning the books I’ve journaled in to hide sins. I think too much about how to escape those who love me and their tears when I depart. It’s as if I’ve died. I think about how... Continue Reading →

Don’t be Afraid to Read

I stand for the black poets and writers who won’t make it beyond their black identity. I stand for finding lost grandmothers. When I read Zora Neal Hurston for the first time I was filled with light. I saw the planet through old eyes. I found a black voice that made me want to claim... Continue Reading →

Van Siclen Blues

I have never stood up for East New York. I let them shit talk and burn it down with laughter. I am ashamed. I have let others rob me of my home. I let a man from Babylon tell me he was afraid of Brooklyn in the daytime. When I asked why he said because... Continue Reading →

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