close up of fruits hanging on tree
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

dear Adam,

i eve was made from the bone of man      the flesh of You.

created to hold the weight of the sun and moon in my uterus,


to take the fall of humanity,

designed in the image of the earth goddess


with the energy of god        to will snakes and trees

and the movement of sheep


left to die, and all of the eves after,

but you will surely die too


the day i crushed the apple between my teeth

i felt the way in which the world would end


the planets will go to war

our mother will turn to dust


god will collect her and sprinkle her ashes along the milky-way.

i have discovered death.


his realm rests in the nook of time,

behold good and evil


the wrath of god made soup of your bones.

i swallowed my tongue,


you watched my lungs cave in grief,

stood there as i ate myself


Confess.   tell them who it was that got me to betray the lord.

i can no longer ignore the stench of madness.



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