Get Out

monochrome photo of man wearing nose ring
Photo by Vitória Santos on

she thought there was nothing wrong with saying

that they wanted our strength

that the white brain is better on a black body

ashamed of the dry fruit loops separated

from the glass of milk

stuck in a sunken place of denials

the color of mud

country roads of bidding disaster. we fall into cracks

of white light.

did you tell them i was black?

as if my color had been an exclamation mark in bright rouge

let them know that i stand out from cotton and blue water

long forgotten negro rituals and standing for the cotton and white water

seen as more than just the workhorse,

through the eyes of artists

we are the sons of mothers who bore us from tears and tar

mothers who dust

dirt from our eyes so we could see

get out brother

brother get up

go all out

take off the monkey suit and bank of America hat

still holding onto old sugar

releasing vigor that’s got to be saved

for someone else

realizing as you dissect

the black man’s brain



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