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God I just want to heal wounds

With language

The way the preacher stretches his tongue to talk about you

God I just want you to watch geese with me

So that I can grow to love the Hudson the way you do

I can love the way you do

say the way you do

Speak to the hearts of men


God I just want to forgive myself


God I remembered myself.

Lord I didn’t hate myself today and I was comfortable and warm.

God I made jokes today.

Lord I was comfortable and didn’t dislike myself.

God I just want to be kind

My heart I give to you to let me be kind

Let the world know that I will heal it if it asks.

There has been many people my heart has searched to heal

Sometimes I wonder if love is healing or healing is love

Sometimes I just want to press my hand onto somebody’s soul

feel their pain and snatch it away from them

God when I do, where does the pain go?

God why doesn’t the pain go?

God take their pain from me after I retrieve it

I am not a vessel to store tragedy

I am only trying to do the things you sent me here to do


God teach me so that I am able to teach

Speak me into the warmth of the world

Show me where the spikes are so that I may avoid them


Help me further Lord

I do not want to remain a tragedy


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