I’ll wait another lifetime

To run or maybe to be—

To be the three packs of sugar

in Sunday’s coffee


to be the clock’s tic

the numbers huddled together to pray


I am the glue –a bridge


There was the time

I was young, ready to cross

The line

I was ready for skin to melt onto mine

The first sin—

Perfume— I was perfume on top my thighs

Enticed by the Choco pie


I am drifting

I told me

I Told myself so

drifting and its ending with a happy new year

Its ending with good luck

On your studies

Hope you live well


I am letting go of stubborn memories

Drifting from painful boxes

To get stuck in

Turn on the television to unglue me from the

squares in my head


deep breathing

meditation choking up angst

and eye smiles in

the dark night


my mind the shape of moons and square teeth

tight and sharp

man love


I am drifting from smiles that sink like daggers

Hey! I thought my heart flipping was love

I let the boat tip over coffee and


Touching my rough face


I drifted from the world where man was king

The king held over my head

I let crash,

to lay on top of a broken throne


I am here sinking in new life,

black gold,

I am the tiger’s paw,

Strength— fro

like pineapple leaves

Perhaps I am the

satin drifter

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